Steps to avoid bad reviews

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Bad reviews can be avoided by making a customer feel heard while resolving their problem as soon as possible. Often a customer will leave a bad review after trying to reach the company or when their problem has not been addressed. The following steps will help to reduce bad reviews and strengthen the company’s customer service procedures.

Communication is key – If a company avoids responding to negative reviews, customers will feel unheard, resulting in them writing negative reviews on multiple platforms. Instead, a business should open the lines of communication by offering customers easy access to customer service personnel.

Respond quickly – Reach out to an unhappy customer as soon as possible. A personal message is best if the customer has reached out online.

Be polite – A friendly approach to customer service will go a long way to building a stronger customer relationship while helping the business gain control over a negative review. Open-friendly businesses are less likely to receive negative reviews.

Teach your employees – Although mistakes can happen when doing business, let employees know that rectifying their mistakes is key to retaining customers and reducing bad reviews.

Expectations Vs reality – If a business cannot meet certain expectations e.g., delivery, or product standards, informing the customer as soon as possible, will help to minimize expectations and reduce the need to write a negative review.

Negative reviews are common when doing business, however, employees should be empowered to rectify and satisfy the customer, by handling negative reviews correctly. The strategies above are key to keeping customers happy while ensuring the company minimizes the number of negative reviews.

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