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Strengthening New York After the Civil War

By Phineas Upham

One of the major challenges that New York faced during the Civil War, aside from unrest among citizens related to the draft, was Southern business itself. New York was growing steadily as the NYSE was rising toward its peak before the Crash of 1929, but much of that growth was fueled by Southern businesses in cotton and textiles.

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Planning the Erie Canal

By Phin Upham

The Erie Canal was a major development, not just for New York but the entire United States. It had several important economic benefits, including lowering the cost of transporting goods. Originally planned for construction in 1807, the canal actually started work in 1817 and was completed by 1825. That long phase of planning and construction was necessary, as many details… Read More

Antitrust Law in the Middle Ages

When most people in America think about anti-trust law, they probably think about Standard Oil. This was the company that brought the concept of monopoly, and its potential to disrupt markets, into the American frame of mind. Damming media from the time wrote about Rockefeller controlling prices of consumer products and the extent of the “scheme” that he used to pull it all off.
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The Spectacular Bankruptcy of Paul Benfield

By Phin Upham

Paul Benfield had everything. He was a well-known trader throughout the East India Company and rose to hold some political sway in his time. He also became the public target of Edmund Burke, who had more than a few choice words. His exploits would lead to a monumental bankruptcy that made him a political and social topic for gossip.… Read More

Robert Owen’s Social Experiment

By Samuel Phineas Upham

Robert Owen, also sometimes called “father of British Socialism,” was an entrepreneur who attempted an ambitious social and capitalist project. He developed a textile factory in Scotland and decided to use that as the basis for a social experiment to improve the lives of workers.

Owen was enthusiastic about textiles, recognizing the industry as vital, and he got into… Read More

George Zimmerman Calls President Obama An ‘Ignorant Baboon’

George Zimmerman, the Florida man who  shot and killed an unarmed black teen in 2012 but was acquitted of second-degree murder charges , took to social media this week to call President Barack Obama an “ignorant baboon.”  Zimmerman made the comment in a series of tweets posted on Wednesday and Thursday while referencing the shooting deaths of  two journalists on live television . In... [Read more]

Jon Stewart Gets Body-Slammed By John Cena On ‘Monday Night Raw’

Alas, Jon, that was an inevitability. Wrestler John Cena is known to exact revenge  on those who’ve wronged him, and he did just that on “Monday Night Raw,” schooling comedian Jon Stewart  with his signature “ Attitude Adjustment .” “I’m just gonna do what I gotta do,” Cena said before hoisting the recently-retired “Daily Show” host onto his shoulders and body-slamming him... [Read more]

Torturing Animals! For Eye Liner?

One of the most heinous acts of animal cruelty is the egregious use of cosmetic ingredient testing on innocent creatures. The procedures are blood-curdling: force-feeding to the point of burst, irritants rubbed into skin and eye without anesthetic, and swallowing chemicals to the point of “lethal dose.” And once testing is complete, the animals who forewent so much of their precious, thankless... [Read more]

Security Footage Shows ‘Some Suspects’ In Bangkok Bomb Blast That Killed 20, Injured 140

BANGKOK (AP) — Thailand’s prime minister said Tuesday that authorities had seen “some suspects” in security-camera footage of the central Bangkok bombing that killed at least 20 people and injured 140, and promised to track down those responsible for what he described as the country’s worst attack in history. The defense minister, meanwhile, said officials had no prior intelligence... [Read more]

Cultural London: Top Events and Exhibits This Autumn

Which of the world’s museums is the most Googled? It’s London’s Science Museum . I recently spent an hour in the museum’s permanent exhibit of information technology through the ages and I can see why. I don’t think a full day would have done it justice, let alone the whole museum, which would probably take a full week to go through properly. But London’s Museum... [Read more]