This Amazing Queer Clothing Company Offers New Options For Getting Dressed

A new Brooklyn-based clothing company recently launched in hopes of providing options for masculine of center-identified women who have difficulty shopping for clothes at traditional retail outlets. Currently engaged in a Kickstarter campaign  to fund production, Kirrin Finch is the brainchild of newlyweds Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders Moffat, who founded the company out of a personal frustration with the current retail selections for queer people and women who don’t want to present in ways traditionally understood as feminine. The pair is currently focused on creating the perfect menswear button up. The Huffington Post chatted with Laura Moffat this week about her vision for Kirrin Finch and what consumers can expect from the company. The Huffington Post:  What is your vision for Kirrin Finch? Laura Moffat: We have always struggled to find clothes that match our style and that left each of us feeling we were not quite the person we wanted the world to see. Our vision is to make people like us, including masculine of center women, tomboys and genderqueer individuals, feel completely free to express themselves in a way that matches their self-identity. Tell me more about your personal connection to the company.

Swearing an Oath — Part 1

There is a wondrous scene in Robert Bolt’s play, A Man for All Seasons , when Thomas More is talking to his daughter as she tries to convince him to take the Oath of Supremacy to avoid execution by Henry VIII. He could simply take the oath, she suggests, without really believing in what he’d be saying, be released from the Tower, and return to his family. Sir Thomas, however, gently chides his daughter about why he cannot do this: that taking an oath is solemnly and publicly to call upon God to witness that what one is saying one truly believes in one’s heart. Not believing it would be calling upon God to witness a lie, a most grievous wrong, a wrong he would not wish his daughter to think her father capable of. For in swearing an oath, he continues, one is proclaiming before God and the world that what one is saying is true, and that were he to lie, even though he’d be saving his life, he’d be losing his honor, his soul, and himself — forever. Truly, a man for all seasons! *** Likewise, in taking his oath of office, a state governor is also solemnly and publicly calling upon God to witness that what he is saying, he intends to perform. He is swearing, in essence, that he will do all in his power to preserve, protect, and defend all the institutions and responsibilities of state government, including those of public education — “so help me God.” And, likewise, if he were lying and had no intention of carrying out those duties, he would also be calling upon God to witness a lie, a most grievous wrong, have lost his honor, his integrity, his very essence – forever. He would also be perjuring himself, and even, perhaps, be sentenced to prison. It is a fearful thing to swear such an oath and not intend to protect what one has sworn to protect, but even worse would it be to destroy it

In the bleak winter – Syrian refugees in Sulaymaniyah, N Iraq

UNHCR together with other humanitarian and development agencies in Iraq launched an appeal this week (26/1) seeking $298m to assist refugees in the country and reinforce their resilience for the coming year. There are an estimated 250,000 Syrian refugees living in Iraq – the vast majority staying in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KR-I). Some 94,500 refugees live in ten camps directly supported by UNHCR; but the majority live outside camps and can face great hardship during winter. Caroline Gluck has met some families in Sulaymaniyah province, KR-I, where temperatures this week dropped to below zero, who have benefitted from extra winter help from UNHCR, including heating and cash assistance. Winter is an especially difficult time in Sulaymaniyah province and other high-elevation areas of northern Iraq. Temperatures can regularly drop to below zero and it often snows. Snow-covered mountains, Sulaymaniyah Farhad Mohmmed Ali, 26, wife Samira Mala, 25 and three young children live in one room in Sitak – a high-elevation area, popular with local visitors in the summer. The house owner allows them to stay rent-free but the room leaks and is cold. “We really need more help; blankets, mattresses, stoves, anything to make life better,” said Farhad Farhad and his family 37 year-old mother of three, Adla Omar Osi, says every day brings new worries.

Breathtaking Photos Show ‘Snowmageddon’ Blizzard From Space

Stunning photos taken from outer space show the East Coast resembling a winter wonderland after a powerful blizzard unleashed hurricane-force winds and several feet of snow. The region’s extreme transformation was captured in a number of photos tweeted out by International Space Station Commander Scott Kelly from his orbiting perch. He shared his marvel at major cities being completely blanketed with snow as well as the rare sighting of “thundersnow” — a winter thunderstorm that produces snow instead of rain. Rare #thundersnow visible from @Space_Station in #blizzard2016 ! #Snowzilla #snowmaggedon2016 #YearInSpace — Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly) January 23, 2016 Our supercomputers have crunched the data to show the cloud flow of #Blizzard2016 thru Sunday. Check it out:… Posted by NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration on  Friday, January 22, 2016 “#Blizzard2016 gave us an impressive view below. Stay warm! #GoodNight from @space_station! #YearInSpace,” he tweeted Saturday night with a photo of city lights appearing to struggle to penetrate a wash of white. The aftermath of the blizzard — which has been referred to as Winter Storm Jonas or “Snowmageddon” — was seen with Sunday morning’s sunrise. #blizzard2016 clearly seen off the #EastCoast as the sun begins to rise. Hope all OK! #BlizzardJonas #YearInSpace — Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly) January 24, 2016 From #Chicago to #NYC and #DC the skies looked clear this morning. #blizzard2016 #BlizzardJonas #YearInSpace — Scott Kelly (@StationCDRKelly) January 24, 2016 The storm proved to be colossal, bringing 40 mph winds, coastal flooding and several feet of snow between Washington, D.C., and New York

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