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Antitrust Law in the Middle Ages

When most people in America think about anti-trust law, they probably think about Standard Oil. This was the company that brought the concept of monopoly, and its potential to disrupt markets, into the American frame of mind. Damming media from the time wrote about Rockefeller controlling prices of consumer products and the extent of the “scheme” that he used to pull it all off.
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The Spectacular Bankruptcy of Paul Benfield

By Phin Upham

Paul Benfield had everything. He was a well-known trader throughout the East India Company and rose to hold some political sway in his time. He also became the public target of Edmund Burke, who had more than a few choice words. His exploits would lead to a monumental bankruptcy that made him a political and social topic for gossip.… Read More

Robert Owen’s Social Experiment

By Samuel Phineas Upham

Robert Owen, also sometimes called “father of British Socialism,” was an entrepreneur who attempted an ambitious social and capitalist project. He developed a textile factory in Scotland and decided to use that as the basis for a social experiment to improve the lives of workers.

Owen was enthusiastic about textiles, recognizing the industry as vital, and he got into… Read More

The Story of Phillips Company

By Samuel Phineas Upham

Gerard Phillips, and his father Frederik, founded the Phillips Company in 1891. Gerard wanted to make carbon-filament lamps, and he sought a loan from a banker who lived in Zaltbommel to get the jumpstart he needed. With his loan, he set up a factory to produce his goods, modest but big enough for machinery and a small crew to work.… Read More

Switch to Sprints

Written by Paleo Forever

If you’re like most people, your current workout regimen probably involves a healthy dose of cardio. Maybe you run a couple of miles at a time or you may even be one of those people who runs marathons regularly. Whether you’re seeing results or not, though, it may be better for you to switch to sprints over those long jogs instead. Here’s why.… Read More

Let’s Not Settle for Good But Aspire to Great Work

National Grid, Warwick, UK (photo Hufton and Crow) We seem to have adjusted our performance metrics so that good means great, which surely is just not good enough! Healthy, committed and inspired people help businesses perform better, so how wonderful would it be if we aspired to be in optimum health and do great work as the norm? If we are not ill we believe we are actually in good health and don’t... [Read more]

Gun Battle Breaks Out At Wedding In Northern Afghanistan, Killing 21

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — An Afghan official says that 21 people have been killed by gunmen who fought a gun battle during a wedding in a northern province. Jaweed Basharat, the governor of Baghlan province, said Monday that another 10 people were wounded in the shooting on Sunday night. He says the gunfight broke out between two groups attending the wedding in Andarab district. Most of the dead... [Read more]

Jail Defends Procedures Amid Scrutiny Of Sandra Bland’s Death

The sheriff in charge of the  Texas jail  where Sandra Bland died after a traffic stop is defending jailhouse procedures amid widespread questions from the public.  Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith, in a statement Thursday, addressed aspects of the county jail’s intake and custodial process that have come under scrutiny  since Bland, 28, was found dead in her cell on July 13, three days... [Read more]

Greece Banks Reopen With Some Restrictions; New Taxes Raise The Price Of Food, Services

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greeks woke up Monday morning to a new era: banks were finally open after being closed down for three weeks but new taxes meant coffee, tea and even condoms all cost more. In downtown Athens, people queued up in an orderly fashion as the banks unlocked their doors at 8 a.m., taking a number and reading the paper as they waited for their turn at the till. Many restrictions on... [Read more]

Wilco Releases Surprise New Album ‘Star Wars’

  Wilco, beloved indie-rock band, released an unannounced album for free online  on Thursday night. (Yet more evidence of the magical powers of Beyonce, who paved the way with surprise album releases ). Star Wars: a new Wilco album featuring 11 original songs is available now. Free to download at http://t.co/fCTwKatIc4 pic.twitter.com/qZBKXOJ6WE — WILCO (@Wilco) July 16, 2015  The 11-song “Star... [Read more]