Some Great Uses for Foam

Though we may take it for granted, our lives would be incredibly different if not for foam. Foam provides us comfort, support, insulation and much more. Without it, we’d be scrambling for other options and either end up empty handed or with an empty wallet.

One example of how helpful it can be is packaging foam. Canada sees a lot of packages sent every year and much of it is delicate material that needs to be kept safe and secure. Few options can compare to using packing foam for these situations. The eggcrate variety is one of the most popular kinds. It not only insulates your product in the package, it can help hold it in place.

Another option is high density foam. Sheets of this foam can come in a variety of lengths and widths to accommodate just about any size you need. The great thing about foam is it’s extremely easy to alter. You can purchase a sheet and you’ll have no issue with taking scissors and cutting it into the perfect shape for your needs.

Of course, foam sheets can be used for much more than packaging. You can also use it for your bed, for example. High density foam will provide more than enough comfort to help you make it through the night.


Article submitted by Canada Foam by Mail. The company supplies just about everything you need for a comfortable from upholstery foam, to a great silicone and even discount memory foam mattress selection.