History of Keno

Keno is an extremely popular and engaging online game found on most internet cafe sweepstakes software. Keno can best be described as a Chinese bingo game with an extensively rich history. Keno has traveled as far as the second century BC in China all the way into the present day on the internet. Keno games on the internet come in a variety of different styles, creating a dynamic experience for those involved. Sweepstakes in internet cafe software offers players a fair chance to win prizes depending on the combination of numbers drawn by random.

The traditional back story for Keno traces its roots back to ancient China, during the war of the Han Dynasty. Cheung Leung created a national lotto as an alternative to taxing, for funding the prolonged wars in the country. Pigeons used to fly results to rural locations by bird, hence the nickname “White Pigeon”. Later, funds raised by the Keno lottery helped build the Great Wall over a span of 500 years.

When Chinese immigration began en masse to the United States in the 1800s to work on the railroads, Keno was introduced in the West. To familiarize the Chinese characters, Americans used conventional Arabic numerals instead. In the 1900s, Keno was associated with horse racing. Each Keno card corresponded with a racing horse, and the card of the winning horse was the one that won. Now, Keno is a popular game in Casinos and sweepstakes games, offering a fun and easy way to win prizes.