Britney Spears Overtakes Larry Page on Google+

Article submitted by iClimber (A Social Media Marketing Company)

Hardly anyone could have conceived of a real dramatic faceoff between Britney Spears and Larry Page. Nevertheless, the two found themselves in just such a situation right before Thanksgiving as both were vying for the top spot on Google+’s popularity rankings. Who would end up as the most followed person on the still-recently launched social network?

The pre-Feast jour brought in the results: for now, Britney Spears would dominate that arena. As of this writing, her lead over Larry Page is of approximately 70 thousand followers. That will probably grow or Larry Page may make a comeback, if Snoop Dog or Tyra Banks, number three and number four, respectively, don’t manage to overthrow the once-princess of pop themselves. To stave off any lost momentum, Britney’s team has taken some initiative: upon opening the singer’s official website, you’ll find the lower-right corner occupied by the gigantic lowercase “g” of Google+, and an imploration to add Brit to your Circles.


Google+’s rankings are completely different from the rankings of Facebook and Twitter, where mainstream popularity is pretty much on par with social network following. Without a doubt, the difference is that social media users are still settling into Google+ — the network is just still too new.

For now, smart money is on Tyra Banks making her way up — she has interesting and interactive content on her Google+ page.

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