How to Buy a Dog from a Pitbull Breeder

Learn what to look for in a dog breeder before you buy.

In the world of dog breeding, there can be mistrust between the buyer and the seller if the conditions aren’t right. This happens frequently with online classified ads, where a dog is advertised but the housing conditions its been kept in are decrepit. Working with a licensed pitbull breeder should help to change all that, but there still isn’t a guarantee.

Like any other business, some breeders are looking to cut costs when and how they can. If you want to buy a healthy dog from reputable pitbull breeders, read on for tips to help you figure out which breeder is right for you.

Determine that the Breeder is Reputable

Pitbull breeding is a full time job when it’s done correctly. Breeders should own lots of land for the dogs to roam in, and they should be available for clients to come and view the dogs if desired. When you visit the breeder’s home, keep an eye out for the disposition of the animals that breeder takes care of. Happy dogs indicate a happy home, which is a good sign your dog will be socialized properly and healthy.

Shipping Concerns

If you’re not in the same state as your breeder, then you’ll need to ship your dog. That raises some concerns, but breeders who are full time usually know the ropes. They’ll need a plastic container rated for airplane travel, with up to 275 pounds of resistance to pressure. Shipping also needs to be done overnight in most cases, so there’s a good chance your dog will arrive shortly after you’ve actually bought him.


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