What Are the Different Types of Hearing Aids Available?

There are 3 main types of hearing aids available these include BTE – behind the ear,

ITE – in the ear and RIC – receiver in canal. We are going to look at these in some depth.

It is a matter of personal choice which kind of hearing aid you choose. For a quality ITE (in the ear) device, Bossa Hearing Aids is our number one choice.

The BTE – Behind the ear option of hearing aids is a device that sits behind the ear and is connected to an earpiece by thin clear tubes. People that choose BTE devices are wanting additional features such as Bluetooth or directional microphones. Being a larger device the aid can take bigger batteries offering longer battery life as well as extra amplification.

The ITE – in the ear is a comfortable device that fits inside the ear and is removed by a small wire that is barely visible. These devices come with small domes for an almost invisible look. Bossa Hearing Aids offers this device and has had good feedback on the comfort and quality of the sound.

The RIC – receiver in the canal is a hearing aid where the user has a small device behind the ear which houses the microphone and receiver whilst the amplifier is inserted into the canal and connected by a thin wire or tube.

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In conclusion, the choice of a hearing aid type depends on personal preferences and specific nee

ds. Each type, whether BTE, ITE, or RIC, offers its own set of advantages and features. For those seeking a comfortable and discreet option, ITE devices like those from Bossa Hearing Aids are highly recommended. These devices provide excellent sound quality and comfort, making them a popular choice among users. To make an informed decision, it’s always helpful to read reviews and gather information about the various options available.