Different Fashion Styles

Article written by Sid Solomon

In today’s world there are so many different ways you can dress. These fashion styles are all varied and distinct. It is always a good idea to stay true to yourself when choosing what style of clothing you are going to wear on a daily basis. The following guide will help you to decide what style is best for you and your personality.

The first fashion style is rocker chic. This combines elements of rock and roll with a more high fashion look. For example, an outfit would consist of skinny jeans in a dark wash and a baggy tank top worn under a leather jacket. For shoes, you can pair this with black ankle boots. For accessories, you can wear studded earrings and a black leather bag. This completes the rocker chic look.

Another style is the romantic look. This consists of flowy pieces in light soft colors. For an example outfit, you can pair a long ruffled dress with strappy sandals. This will give you the air of a Greek goddess. The dress should be in a pastel color like pale pink or cream. You can wear a gold headband to complete this beautiful look.

Yet another fashion style is the preppy look. This look pairs together classic pieces with a modern twist. An example outfit would be a polo shirts with cropped khaki pants. The, add a canvas tote bag and ballet flats or simple sneakers. Keep your accessories simple, like a pearl necklace or a ring.

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