Why a Balanced Diet can Minimize Health Risks in Pitbulls

Summary: Health concerns are common in pitbulls. By supplying them with the necessary nutrients that they need, you can minimize the effects of these health issues.

If you are planning on adopting an adorable American pitbull terrier puppy, it’s important that you know that pitbulls are risk for numerous health problems. However, by taking the right steps, you can minimize the risk of these issues and allow him or her to live a happy and healthy life. Some of these problems include anything from heart disease to dysplasia and bloat.


Pitbulls that have naturally white coats and pink skin have a higher change to experience allergies than other colors. Most people believe that these are caused by the grains. Furthermore, puppies are more likely to be allergic to meat and dairy products. If your puppy has been experiencing common food allergy symptoms such as loose stool, excess gas, or vomiting, you may want to replace your current dog food with a different protein source or even grain-free food. This could substantially change the health of your pup.

Weight Issues

Pitbulls aren’t as likely to become overweight as other breeds, but they can chow down when food is accessible to them – especially blue nose pitbull puppies. As a responsible owner, make sure that you monitor their caloric intake. Providing them with a less than reasonable portion of food can lead to malnutrition while overfeeding can lead to obesity and heart issues in the future. Develop a balanced and stable diet with the right puppy food that contains all the nutrients that they require to be proactive. This is a relatively easy process that doesn’t require too much work on your end.

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