Three Common Vision Impairments That Can Affect Your Minimum Vision Test Results In CA

Article submitted by Delta Driving School

Cataracts are a fairly common eye problem that can be mild or that can seriously affect your vision depending on the severity of it. Cataracts cloud the eyes, making everything seem to be blurry and can especially affect a driver at night time since it can make the reaction to bright lights more intense.

Glaucoma is anther eye problem that can be quite serious. This is usually first noticed by a decreased amount of peripheral vision, but can close in around your eye completely until everything is blurry. Even a mild case of glaucoma can be considered dangerous since you will be unable to see objects and vehicles that are to the sides of you.

Lastly, there is also macular degeneration. This condition literally distorts your vision over time, staring off with barely noticeable effects and as it progresses making it harder to see properly to drive. While most of the time these eye problems can be fixed, it is still best to catch these as early on as possible and to live a preventative lifestyle by eating healthy and trying to stay fit.

Have your eyes checked often and wear glasses that are the right ones for you in order to help your eyes to last as long as possible. Also, keep your windows, headlights, and side mirrors clean so that your eyes do not have to strain as much to see when you are driving.

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