Reduce electricity costs at home

41Written by Costbuys

Power bills are one of the biggest sources of expenses in any home. With a few changes here and there, with items you can get when discount online shopping, energy bills can be reduced by as much as 10-20%. Here is how power can be saved in different areas of a home:


These two represent the largest portion of a home energy bill. Heating and cooling can account for as much as 40%. The easiest method of regulating this for savings is to install a smart thermostat like the Nest. Smart thermostats will regulate the temperature and deactivate when no human activity is detected. The thermostat can be controlled from a smartphone remotely.

Water heating

Another significant cost, especially in the cooler months. This can account for as much as 28% of a home energy bill. Save by switching to solar based water heaters. When there is not enough sunlight, use the built-in geyser.


Although lighting only uses approximately 8% of the power consumed, switching to LED bulbs as and when existing one’s fail can significantly reduce that as well. Garden lights can be switched to solar lamps. That has the added benefit of coming on automatically when it is dark. The bulls and the solar lamps are easily available on any online shopping portal.


For a lot of homes, the refrigerator is another culprit in the house. During the next upgrade, buy an inverter model and save as much as %30 off its consumption.


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