How to correctly respond to negative online reviews

Customer reviews are a key aspect of modern business as customers consider reviews to be unbiased and as good as a recommendation. Although positive reviews are easily answered, negative reviews, on the other hand, need to be handled with care.

Websites such as, Yelp, Google, and Tripadvisor help customers and businesses to communicate on a neutral platform.

Here are some suggestions that have helped businesses respond to negative reviews.

Respond politely – It is essential to respond to a negative review using the customer’s name while addressing their concerns, and proposing a solution. It is best to offer a contact number and request that the customer reaches the business directly. This can reduce the conversation online while keeping the matter private.

Be honest – Owning up to a bad experience and apologizing for a mistake can show that the business is empathic to their customer’s concerns. It is also important that the business suggests re-experiencing the business as it shows the customer that the business considers customer opinions and that their patronage is valued.

See it as an opportunity – A customer who highlights a weakness should be valued as they are strengthening the business by taking the time to leave a review.

Go the extra mile – Offering the customer an apology is often not sufficient. Correcting a mistake will involve offering a discount on their next purchase, sending them a gift, or giving them their money back.

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