How Successful Entrepreneurs Can Actively Improve Their Game

Entrepreneurs are known for being aggressive and purposeful. They work toward progress and evolution in their businesses and in their personal lives. As leaders learn and grow, they become more adept at leading their team to victory. But one of the key traits of business leaders is that they are always learning, growing and trying to become better. They are never happy with where they are today. They strive to be better leaders.

Charlotte, NC entrepreneur Todd Collins has this to say: “Building a business requires hard work and takes time. Make sure you are working on developing your products or services each day.”

Keep your personal and business finances separate. Budget for the bills but don’t forget your own salary. Entrepreneurs should maintain separate bank accounts for money belonging to the company and money belonging to the individual. This may seem like a tiny distinction, but it has a big impact on how you work and spend your money.

Todd Collins has invested in a variety of Charlotte, NC businesses, such as The City Kitch and other companies in the technology and real estate industries. He has the following advice.

Another important strategy is to establish an emotional and professional support network. Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plates, and delegating some of these tasks can help you focus on running your business. Many entrepreneurs will assemble a team of advisors that includes an accountant or financial expert, a marketing consultant of some kind, and a mentor who can provide advice and assistance.

Todd Collins a Business owner from Charlotte, NC was selected by Business North Carolina Magazine as one of the state’s dynamic diverse leaders, showing his widespread impact in the community. He has also grown Red Hill Ventures into one of Charlotte’s largest black-owned companies, ranked #2 in 2019. He is the developer and namesake of the Todd and Janelle Collins Nurse Aide Scholars Program at Carolinas College of Health Sciences.