How Does a Dental Malpractice Case Affect Your Life?

How badly a dentist’s mistake affects you depends on the severity of it. But according to Los Angeles Dental Malpractice attorney Dane Levy, most dental malpractice cases end up putting the patient at a huge loss in ways more than one. Here are some examples:

Additional costs: Not only did your initial problem not get solved, but more has been piled up on the plate. You will need to spend even more money to fix the new issues caused by the dentist’s mistake. And considering how expensive dental treatment costs are, you’ll suffer a lot for it.

Attendance at school or workplace: An injury in the teeth will affect the rest of your body much worse than a hand or leg injury. Students might miss important exams, and adults might miss days at work, which can result in lesser income and other financial losses.

Mental health: Physical health also affects mental health. What might be only a mistake for the dentist can be a traumatizing experience for a patient, which will deeply hamper your mental health.

Paralysis and other medical damages: Some dental malpractice cases can result in nerve damage which can lead to partial or full paralysis of the mouth. Excessive anesthesia can cause paralysis, dementia, hallucinations, and other issues. There are also cases of losing a sense of taste, tongue getting cut off, and more.

Wrongful death: Death due to dental malpractice is not as uncommon as you might think. Losing a loved one due to the mistake of the doctor you trusted can be extremely frustrating.

That’s why every dental malpractice case should remain unfought. If you’re in California, you can reach out to Levy Law Firm founder and California dental malpractice attorney Dane Levy for a free consultation on your case.