Frequently Asked Questions about DUIs

A traffic ticket lawyer could prevent you from having to pay a full fee, but can a DUI lawyer provide as many benefits?  The answer is yes.  Particularly when it comes to asking the tough questions involved in DUIs, the right lawyer can be a lifesaver.  Here are some of the most common questions about DUIs:

 What should I say when a police officer pulls me over and I’ve been drinking?

You are not required by law to admit that you’ve been drinking.  You can legally demand to speak with an attorney before answering their questions.  It’s wise to not say anything that could create more legal problems for you.

What are the defense options for my DUI case?

  • Probable cause: An officer needs a valid reason to take action on a suspected DUI driver.  That means that when they stop, detain, or arrest a suspect, they must have probable cause for doing so.
  • The Miranda Warning: One’s Miranda rights must be read to them at the correct time.  If this doesn’t take place, your drunk driving lawyer can argue to have the charges dropped.
  • Blood-alcohol concentration: There can be problems and inaccurate readings with breathalyzers which can sometimes be used in the defense.

What are the penalties for a DUI?

Every case is different which makes it difficult to give a blanket statement in regards to convictions and sentences.  Typically, there is a fine of $1,700 and mandatory enrollment in a DUI class for 3-9 months.  Most people convicted of a DUI are put on probation for up to three years and their license is usually restricted or suspended for 90 days.  In some cases, the defendant has to serve a jail sentence of either a few days or as much as 6 months.