A casual clutch bag to take around with me anywhere

Guest post written by Donna Byers

I love it when I find a new purse to buy. By far purses are my favorite type of wardrobe purchase and when I started looking online to try and find some ideas for what I should get this fall. I found some really great inspiration for some bags for fall on several of my favorite fashion blogs. But out of all of that stuff, I decided that the thing that I wanted to go and get the most is a daytime, oversized clutch. I saw so many pictures of fashion editors carrying them during fashion week and they looked so adorable!

When I started shopping online for my ideal daytime clutch for fall, I ran across some Clear Internet Reviews. I showed them to my roommates and after that we decided to change over our apartment’s internet service over to it.

I did hunt down this really adorable brown leather oversized clutch bag that’s just perfect for my everyday errands. I can even carry around a book to read in there, which is really important to me because I read whenever I get the chance.