5 Quick Beauty Tips from Celebrities

While there’s no doubt that a small army of experts help celebs look their best, there’s actually a lot to learn from these famous folks, anyway—precisely because they get their advice from experts. So we took a look at what they say—and found some really helpful takeaways.


Queen Bey believes that daily skincare routines are the most important, which is actually very much in line with what any dermatologist would advise. In Beyoncé’s case, above all she stresses daily moisturizer use. But she also works in a sea salt scrub and a lip salve from Smith’s Rosebud. The singing superstar also blends in bronzer to give her skin the right shimmer when she’s hitting the red carpet.

Kate Winslet

Eye creams are crucial for the British star, because she finds that a fresh-looking eye area helps power her overall look. She also loves the Red Carpet Facial from facialist Tracie Martin, which focuses on boosting collagen to get Kate’s skin ready for big events. Kate also works in anti-aging skin creams into her routine, along with a religious use of sunscreen.

Gwyneth Paltrow

While some of Gwyneth’s professed recommendations can be a little out there, like getting stung by bees, she does also favor a few solid ones that dermatologists would approve. One is omega-3 oils. For skincare, Gwyneth focuses on zinc oxide-based sunscreens and a masque from May Lindstrom that uses sea salt, clay and cinnamon. She also says she washes her face with just water as opposed to soap or a cleanser. While some dermatologists think just water is fine, they seem to universally believe that soap is too harsh and generally recommend a gentle cleanser instead. Also, keep in mind that your skin type may not be Gwyneth’s skin type, so plain water may not do the trick if you have oily or combination skin.

Freida Pinto

She takes a more unusual approach, applying petroleum jelly on her cheeks and eyelids to get a  dewy, “angelic” look. Like Gwyneth, Freida uses water to wash her face every day, usually 3-4 times a day. You may want to check with a specialist on that, because plain water may not be effective enough for your skin type—and Freida may be in fact overwashing, considering that most dermatologists recommend washing your face no more than twice a day.

Joy Bryant

The former top model-turned star of Parenthood likes to make her own moisturizer at home using rose oil, tea tree oil and sweet almond oil. She’s also a big fan of Burt’s Bees lip products, blemish pads from Peter Thomas Roth and using retinol around her eyes.

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