10 Great Inexpensive Christmas Gifts To Give Your Employees

Article by Memorable Gifts.

It can be hard to find a Christmas gift that you can give to your employees if you want to pick something that will work for everyone. So here are a few great options:

A Notebook – is something that everyone uses, so why not show how well you know your employees by getting them one from Amazon in their favorite color?

A Fountain Pen – can let your employees add a little bit of flare to their writing and is something that is easy to get from Wal-Mart or any other store.

A Personalized Ceramic Mug – is a great way to give something that is both personal and useful. You can also check MormorableGifts.com for other Personalized Employee Gifts .

Drink Coasters – are easy to find in a variety of different colors and designs and allow you to pick one that matches each of your employee’s desks.

A Flashlight – though not office related, it is something that is easy to find and is also something that almost everyone uses at some point.

A Coloring Book – might seem a little juvenile but it is a great way to relax and is something that almost everyone enjoys.

A Team Picture – is something that can be special and involves simply getting all your employees together, taking a picture, and giving them each a copy.

A Calendar – is a good gift that virtually everyone will be using as the holidays come to a close and the new year comes around.

A USB – is something that can be used either at the office or at home and is something that one can never have enough of.

A Stress Ball – is a gift that can be very nice to have during the busy season and can even provide a bit of fun tossing around during break.