What is a Television Producer’s Role?

Article written by David Guillod.

Television producers play a major role in any show. They are make crucial decisions that impact the overall production value and on-set activity. Not all producers are created equal. Different producers have varying levels of engagement. This article is designed to showcase what types of responsibilities a television producer must handle on a day-to-day basis.

A Jack-Of-All-Trades

A television producer must be able to multi-task and handle numerous aspects of a film. For instance, they may have to organize and communicate between different parties to ensure everything is going to plan. Or, they may have to provide financing for a show. Generally, this type of producer will do everything and anything they can to ensure the show runs as planned.

A TV producer may also be responsible for writing or approving scripts if necessary. Some of  a producer’s duties include: assessing projects, fundraising, seeking scripts, commissioning writers, and securing rights to materials. Being in a position of TV producer, the individual must be versatile, creative, and ready to tackle anything that comes his or her way.

The Supervision Aspect

Television producers must also supervise and coordinate multiple aspects of a production as well – including the administrative and creative side. These producers must make financial decisions that make sense, as well as acquire a variety of talents, secure contracts, ensure agreements go as planned, and take care of other administrative details. While many producers get the opportunity to handle and execute a film, they also deal with a great number of nuances during the production phase as well. A good producer must have a headstrong attitude and be able to tackle anything that comes his or her way.

David Guillod is an accomplished talent agent and film/TV producer who has steadily built acclaim through movies like Atomic Blonde and TV series Louder Milk, which has won multiple Golden Trailer Awards. He has also held senior positions at Handprint Ent., United Talent Agency, and Primary Wave Entertainment. Visit David Guillod’s profile on Instagram.