New 2019 Driving Laws In California That Can Affect Your Business And Work

Article submitted by Delta Driving School .

Among the new 2019 driving laws in California are a couple that can possibly affect your business or how you get to work. The first one is aimed mostly at car dealers and requires all authorized car dealers to place a temporary paper plate with a number and an expiration date on every vehicle they sell.

This is not only for new vehicles, but used ones as well, and will no doubt require some car dealers to have a slightly different process for how they do things. The reason for this law is to try to reduce the number of people passing through tollbooths and things without paying and to make it easier to catch them.

Another law that will affect how you get to work more that your actual business – unless you are a taxi driver or have some similar occupation – is the new law that involves zero or low emission vehicles. In an effort to encourage more people to start driving these kinds of vehicles, if you own one of these you are now allowed to drive in carpool lanes no matter how few people there are in the car.

Along these same lines is another law regarding the white or green stickers that were a needed part of using HOV lanes. These Clean Air Vehicle stickers are being switched over to being red in color, with the white and green ones being out of date.

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