Iconic Neighborhood Restaurants: Zankou Chicken in Burbank

From the moment you walk into the Zankou Chicken flagship restaurant in Burbank, you’re over taken with the smells of incredible food. Look around at the European décor and you’ll immediately feel like you’ve been transported to another country. The restaurant is quiet, just big enough and has plenty of space for your family to dine. Take a virtual trip to Zankou.


The queue goes fairly quickly at Zankou in Burbank, but be wary of the lunch hour rush. You might be waiting for several minutes of your precious lunch break while groups of people place their orders. To avoid all the delays, order over the phone ahead of time. The one exception is Tarna, which is always ready to prepare. If you’re ordering a roasted chicken, call at least 30 minutes in advance.

All sides are fresh and bread is baked onsite. In fact, if you manage to make the early portion of the lunch hour the bread will be warm quite often.


Zankou’s Burbank location has plenty of family-style seating, and a few booths made for small groups. Couples will feel at home in any of the booths, but won’t find many two seaters in the restaurant. You dine beneath a beautiful mural of an olive tree, a symbol of Zankou’s Lebanese heritage. If you’re dining in, listen for your number to be called. Don’t expect table service, but the drink refills are free and you can ask for as much garlic sauce as your heart desires.